Dryer Vents


1. Dryer will be moved out and the lint vacuumed around the area wall and back of dryer.

2. Vent hose will be disconnected then brushed and vacuumed to remove lint build up inside of hose.

3. The vacuum hose will be inserted into the dryer duct to remove large chunks of lint that may be accumulated in the dryer end.

4. The vent covers and screens are removed at the outdoor end and the lint build-up is vacuumed.

5. Special compressor nozzles equipped with rubber whips that vibrate are inserted at the dryer end.

6. Compressed air at 180 p.s.i. is shot through the special nozzles and together with the vibrating whips the debris is loosened and dislodged.

7. At the outdoor end, the debris is trapped and captured using empty vacuum bags as collection devises.

8. The entire process of steps 5, 6, and 7 is repeated to ensure the complete removal of all dirt, debris and contaminants.

9. The dryer hose is then reconnected.

10. The dryer is then pushed back to its original place.


Air Duct Cleaners of Washington strongly recommends cleaning your dryer vents after the air ducts have been cleaned and decontaminated. Lint accumulated in the vent is a definite fire hazard. Clean dryer vents contribute to clothes drying faster and thus save energy.