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Ceiling Access

Ceiling Access

Air Duct Cleaners of Washington has been involved in Air Duct cleaning of numerous commercial properties in the past decade including low rise office space, churches, and high rise office buildings and manufacturing plants.

The steps for cleaning Commercial Ducts also follow NADCA’s Source Removal protocol.

While the steps are similar, there are marked differences, mainly:
1. Our High Performance Commercial Duct cleaning equipment operates at significantly higher levels of static resistance than our Residential Systems.
2. Commercial duct systems are mainly located above the ceiling pads, thus the hook-ups require experienced commercial duct cleaners to assure the proper location of access openings.
3. Lengthy planning is required to map the commercial duct system and to devise a plan for “zoned” or “sectioned off” parts of the system which would require separate cleaning.
4. Cost of commercial air duct cleaning is dependent on the complexity of the duct system which varies from building to building.
5. Inspection of the facility is required prior to establishing the criteria and the cost of the services.

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