About Us

SAM HALLAK (Microbiologist)


  •        Company is in its 13th year of serving the Greater Seattle area
  •        Owner/operator SAM HALLAK is a certified Microbiologist who is qualified to understand Indoor Air Pollution
  •        SAM has successfully trained several technicians in the past decade for major air duct cleaning companies in the NW
  •        We use the most advanced duct cleaning equipment available
  •        We strictly follow the standards recognized by NADCA for Source Removal Methods
  •        We serve our customers with integrity and competence
  •        We provide only necessary and desired cleaning to our customers
  •        We will not use cleaning as a means of selling unnecessary products or services
  •        We are licensed by the State of Washington
  •        We are insured and bonded
  •        We constantly upgrade our tools/equipment by staying abreast of new developments in technology
  •        Our motto is: 100% professional duct cleaning, 100% customer satisfaction