Consumer Caution

While many companies offer Air Duct Cleaning services, very few use effective practices and methods that deliver what is promised – THOROUGHLY AND PROFESSIONALLY CLEANED AIR DUCTS.

This is a “hidden service”. In other words, YOU, the consumer have no knowledge if your duct system has been properly cleaned and decontaminated.

Many “duct cleaners” lack the basic required equipment as determined by NADCA, to achieve any level of satisfactory results.

Thus to avoid the confusion:

1. Beware of marketing gimmicks and coupons that offer a “$99.00 whole house special”.

2. Beware of companies who offer several cleaning options such as “clean,” “cleaner” or “cleanest,” at different prices.

3. Beware of companies that offer “Free Furnace tune-ups,” or “Free Furnace inspection,” at a price you can’t resist. They will ALWAYS find a costly “problem” with your otherwise healthy furnace.

4. Beware of companies that use scary “before and after” photos of dirty/clean ducts and emphasize people suffering from Asthma, allergies, and dust mites. These companies lack total knowledge of Indoor Microbial Contamination. None has ever examined microbes under a microscope or in laboratories.

5. Beware of companies that use shop-vac size machines with 2 inch hoses. Power vacuum hoses should be at least 10 inches in diameter (the size of a dinner plate).

6. Beware of companies that will try to sell you expensive “air purification” materials. A professional duct cleaning will eliminate your need for such materials.

7. Beware of companies that do not use high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration equipment.

8. Beware of companies that do not protect your carpets and household furnishings during the cleaning process.

9. Beware of companies that do not protect your duct work by properly sealing and re-insulating any access holes made.

10.Beware of companies that do not use:

  • POWER VACUUM machines 
  • Professional Air Compressors
  • Mechanical Agitation